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Truck Factoring

By Rebecca Retana / October 11, 2016

Choosing the best type of financing for your freighting company is vital for your business’ success. In the freighting industry, there is a common misconception that all forms of business financing are the same. However, in reality, the types of financing available for a small or mid-sized business are different. Your choice of trucking factoring […]


Essential Information On The Advantages Of Freight Factoring

By Rebecca Retana / July 17, 2016

Monitoring your cash is vital in any business. Whenever you deal with a lot of companies as well as trucks keeping your record correct might be a bit challenging. Freight factoring will help you in several ways such as invoice maintenance, credit checks monitoring, collections, annual reports and also applying cash funds. Dealing with an […]


A Little Information on Commercial Truck Financing

By Rebecca Retana / July 7, 2016

Land, labor, capital and enterprise are the basic needs of business. Without these, an entrepreneur cannot start his or her business. The most important of these resources is capital. It is very important for an entrepreneur to have adequate capital or finances to stay afloat. For this reason, many banks and financial institutions have been […]

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